About us

Our world is in a strange and unfamiliar time and now you’re facing one of life’s most difficult tasks. We've been there and we want to be there for you, with you. Although we're unable to host large gatherings and plan a traditional funeral, we can come together virtually to honor and support each other. 

Before COVID-19 our team focused on digital products for funeral homes. We started this company with the mission to help people through one of the most difficult times they'll face. We've combined our technical knowledge and our expertise in the funeral profession to bring you virtual funerals you can host from home. Our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Why we started
At 28, Effie Anolik lost her dad and had to plan her first funeral. She was quickly met with the prescribed and routine version of a service that didn’t represent the person she loved.
Since then, she has spent every important anniversary, birthday, and occasion seeking out celebrations that feel more like him and helping other families plan a more personal way to grieve.

Effie’s Memorial Moment: Dinner at Cafe Polonez where she and her dad ate every week and then getting a scoop of his favorite chocolate ice cream, of course.