Funeral Directors

Partner with us to offer professionally managed online gatherings to the families you serve. We bring our expertise to plan and host the virtual piece of a traditional funeral or celebration of life. 

While restrictions are in place and travel is minimal, families are looking to include guests who may not be able to be present in person. That's where we come in. We'll work directly with families to put together an agenda, organize speakers, produce a slideshow, prepare additional videos and songs, and take care of the technical requirements. We incorporate in person gatherings with a virtual piece to include those who are unable to gather in person, 

We understand your brand is important and we are happy to work directly with families or provide you with the tools you need to gather the information we need and work completely in the back end. 

Services we offer

  • Virtual event planning 
  • Virtual event management 
  • Slideshow production
  • Playlist and video production
  • Livestream in select cities
  • Technical support
  • Virtual invitations 
  • Recordings including hard copies of videos and slideshows we produce

Please contact us via email or by phone to learn more about working with us 1 (416) 451- 3688. 

Send us an email and our team will contact you shortly:

Professionally designed invitations

Virtual funeral slideshow

Slideshow production

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